Best Painting Results: Do They Come from The Brush or the Painter?

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Painting can sometimes be thought of as superficial (all about colour), but a good paint job or a bad one can make all the difference in the look and feel of your home or business.

Painting Technique

Many painters, when working for top quality, will opt for a more expensive brush. These brushes have fine bristles, fine tips, and are good for detail work, but don’t hold much paint. This makes for shorter cut lines which can give a jagged appearance on a wall as the brush must stop and start over shorter distances when it runs out of paint. This also makes high-end fine brushes a slow way to paint.

When it comes to good painting it’s all about technique
(about 90% proficiency and about 10% tool).

The most experienced professionals can achieve straight lines using a bigger, thicker brush, and angling it so not all of the bristles contact the edge to be painted straight. As the painter moves the brush in a straight line he/she changes the angle to squeeze more paint out of the brush onto the painted surface. This allows the painter to paint a much longer stroke with one full-body movement, incorporating more muscle groups where jitters cancel each other out and result in straight lines more quickly.

Once a painter has two years’ experience on the brush, they will have built enough muscle memory that they can begin working with longer brush strokes using fuller body movements, and apply more paint from a larger brush with each stroke with no sacrifice to quality.

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