Best Way to Save Money During a Large Painting Project

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Whether you are planning a large interior or exterior painting project, the professionals at New Approach have a few money saving tips to achieve the high-quality paint job you want without breaking your budget. Here is the best way to save money during a large painting project:

Split the painting work into phases

The best way to save money on a large residential or commercial painting project is to split up the work into phases that are completed over a few months, or even a few years.

Splitting the work out over a period of time will help you spread out the costs and reduce the stress of a large project being completed on your home or business all at once.

For residential painting, a great way to split up the work is by either painting the most important areas, or by sectioning off the home. For example, painting only key areas like the front entrance, kitchen, and main living areas in the first phase and leaving the bedrooms, bathrooms, and basements for the second phase. Another option could be to complete the work in specific sections of your home. For example, in a two-story home, the first phase might be completing all the upstairs living areas, the second phase could be painting the main floor, and the third phase could be painting the basement.

The phases method can be used for large projects that include both interior and exterior painting as well. For example, in the fall and winter you could have all the interior work completed and then when the warmer weather arrives, you could plan to paint the exterior areas like the garage, doors, siding, or fence.

For commercial painting, you can also use the splitting method to determine appropriate ways to accomplish your painting project. For example, choosing to paint areas that customers see and interact with first and electing to leave the employee areas, like small offices or lunchrooms, until a later date. You can also split the work into sub-projects by having an interior phase and an exterior phase. By splitting your painting project into phases, you can space out your budget over time and avoid one large, upfront cost.

Having a plan and splitting out the work into phases is a great way to ensure that your work is completed as you wish and without negatively impacting your personal finances or your business’s bottom line. Contact the experts at New Approach Painting and we’ll help you figure out how best to split out and finish your large painting project.

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