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How To Add Colour To Your Interior Using Accent Paint Colours

For some, the quest to add colour to their home often usually ends in them choosing white, grey, beige — and there’s nothing wrong with that! Sticking to traditional and neutral hues makes your home look timeless, less fussy, and takes the stress out of colour decisions. However, bold colours are a dynamic and simple way to transform a room.

The beauty of paint is that you can experiment with different looks and styles from one year to the next. The design options are endless for everyone.

New Approach Painting lives and breathes colour, and we get excited when a client chooses a less traditional route and dares to add bold and bright colour accents on their walls, ceilings, trim, and doors.

Painted Ceilings


(Photo credit: Jess Hurrell)

A magenta painted ceiling in the kitchen of a home.

(Photo credit: Sara Story Design)

“If you’re in search of another way to spice up your home, consider painting your ceilings your next big project. I’m not talking the typical white paint here either but rather colors that are bright, energetic, or even moody.” — Melissa Epifano, Apartment Therapy

Typically overlooked, painting your ceiling can be a dynamic way to add dramatic interest to an otherwise uninspiring room.

If your entire space is neutral and monochromatic, adding a wash of dark paint creates a look of elegant simplicity — and you don’t have to stop at the ceiling. By incorporating the ceiling colour on other elements within your space you can drop a visual drama bomb: larger rooms will appear more unified, oddly shaped rooms will appear more simplified,and smaller rooms can evoke a soothing mood.

Painted Walls

Pink walls in a bedroom with a white trim around the crown.

(Photo credit: Heidi Caillier Design)

Both you and your home are unique, and an accent wall could be a reflection of that uniqueness.

Accent walls are like jewellery that finish off a little black dress. Solid walls tend to work best (no windows or doors), however, you could play with texture and get creative with trim.

Below is an example of a black, textured wall New Approach did that is as much of an artistic statement as anything.

Black textured wall by New Approach Painting

Let your space dictate the accent you choose. Ask yourself: Does your current décor feature a repeating colour in the throw pillows, artwork, or other decorative pieces?

pink accent wall

Take your cue from your decorative elements and repeat one of those colours. The possibilities are endless!

Painted Trim & Doors

painted lockers & door

Don’t overlook these suggestions in commercial or municipal spaces either!

Hit the ‘off switch’ on the colourless white trim reruns and consider getting creative with your trim and doors.

You can introduce a subtle change by using a shade or tint of your existing wall colour, or you go unconventional with striking shades. Try adding deep blues and dark greens with complementary walls, or bold trim combined with neutral walls to add your source of colour.


(Photo credit: Michael J Lee)

Keep in mind: black trim and black doors have long been used to hide fingerprints, dirt, and dust. Apart from the utilitarian aspects, black trim and doors can have an energizing effect to your space. The contrast of black accents with light coloured walls has a sweeping graphic look that defines shapes and makes them appear bolder. Boring beige and white interior wall colours that have dark framing architectural elements will create the illusion of lines and movement.


(Photo credit: MJG Interiors)

At New Approach Painting we get excited about new approaches to the use of colour. Contact us to talk about your design inspiration and we’ll help refresh your interior space.

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