Can I Paint Siding?

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Yes! You can paint siding! 
Or, better yet, we can, if you’d rather do away with the hassle and leave the labour to the professionals.

Painting your siding is an excellent way to achieve the most visible change to your home’s exterior for the lowest cost. Whether wood, metal, or vinyl, siding begins as a uniform colour (unlike brick or stone), so changing the colour can completely modernize the look of a house!

Painting Siding Is Cost-Effective

Painter painting exterior siding

Part of the cost-effectiveness of painting siding lies in the relatively low amount of surface prep needed before paint can go on.

A thorough hand-washing to remove surface dirt is all that’s needed before painting metal or vinyl siding; the same goes for wood siding too, except it must also be inspected during the wash process to ensure there is no rot as paint will not stick to rotten wood.

Cleaning by hand is very important. Dirt on siding, factory layers of oil protectant, or dusting/chalking of the existing finish can cause new coats of paint to peel right off the underlying dirty surface in large sheets!

It’s acceptable to power wash metal and vinyl siding, but this should be done slowly and carefully, as the slightest upward angle of high-pressure water can blast water behind the siding and into the home’s insulation where rot and mould can immediately set in.

Expert Tip: Wood siding should never be washed with any more pressure than a garden hose, as doing so ruptures the surface wood fibres, drastically reducing the integrity and life of the wood, and inviting rot both wet and dry.

How To Paint Siding

Painters painting the second floor exterior siding of a home

At New Approach Painting, we often apply paint to siding using a brush, rather than a roller or spray.

Brushing by hand is not much slower than rolling, is far more accurate when working at heights, and with sufficient skill from the painter, builds a thicker, more even coating that allows for better coverage and long-term performance.

Some painters will spray exterior siding, but atomized sprayed paint can travel over a kilometre before it lands and this means it has the potential to adhere to cars, buildings, etc. We do not recommend entertaining that liability.

When you consider the costs of replacing siding, you may be looking at a price tag of $3,600-$13,000 for a one-story three bedroom home (depending on your region). A professional paint job for the same kind of home can range from $1,500-$3,000.

If your siding is looking rough or you would like to change the colour, you may consider painting rather than replacing as a more cost effective, eco-friendly, and faster option to upgrading the exterior look of your house or business.

Contact the expert team at New Approach Painting for your exterior painting quote today!

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