How To Find The Best Painting Contractors

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Are you a homeowner or a business owner looking to hire a painting contractor? Do you know how to find the best painting contractors?

At New Approach Painting, we understand the stress of making sure you choose the right contractor. You want a company that offers you the best quality, expertise, convenience, and price to ensure that your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

To help you make the right painting contractor choice, we have put together a few key points to consider:

Step #1

Define the type of painting work you are wanting to complete. For example, is it interior, exterior, residential, or a commercial project? It is extremely important to establish the type of painting project you need completed in order to narrow down an expert contractor.

Step #2

The next step is deciding on a budget.

Step #3

After you define your project and budget, it‘s time to start researching! Start by conducting an online search Google search. Then, once you have selected a few company websites to examine, cross-reference the companies sites and their social media platforms. Looking on social media will help you learn more about what other people have to say about the company — and it’s likely that you will see more photos of completed projects.

We also recommend word of mouth. Opinions from friends, family, and co-workers will help you narrow down the right contractor and choose the best option. Word of mouth will help provide you with first-hand accounts of people’s experiences with painting contractors, and it’s an easy conversation to have.

Another tip is to visit local paint stores, like Dulex or Sherwin Williams, who have employees with a vast knowledge of painting contractors and will offer fair opinions about who specializes in different types of work. Paint store experts will also have knowledge about the quality, price, and specialty of many local contractors, and this will help you narrow down your choice.

Step #4

Finally, once you have pinpointed a few potential contractors, the next step would be contacting them for a quote. Pay close attention to the estimator’s quote to make sure it is clear and has proper detail regarding your project. As well, if they list the price, be sure to compare it to other quotes and determine if it reasonable.

By taking the time to establish your needs as a consumer, researching potential contractors, and thoroughly going through the quotation process, you should have no problem finding the right contractor for you specific painting needs.

If you’re looking for expert, local, contractors, or have questions about a potential painting job, contact New Approach Painting today.

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