Residential Painting Frequently Asked Questions

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At New Approach Painting, we get a lot of questions about painting from our customers. Here is an expert answer to one of our most frequently asked questions:

What should I choose first: paint colour, or window treatment?

We recommend choosing your window treatment first. Selecting your paint colour will create the foundation for your space, and from there you can begin accenting.

Selecting your window treatments before your paint colour will make the process of choosing colours for the rest of your project much easier because you will be able to use your window treatments as inspiration for your paint colours.

Neutral Paint Colours

Window treatments can act as an accent to a room, particularly when paired with complementary colours and accessories. For example, a navy-blue window treatment pairs nicely with a neutral wall paints in the Dulux neutral colour palette.

Selecting the draperies first will also allow you to play with adding the colour (or complementary colours) throughout your space. Try adding navy blue to accents like throw pillows, area rugs, and wall art. Or, choose a off-setting colour like red to bring a splash of colour to your room.

Changing your paint colour is much less expensive than changing your window treatments, so we highly recommend bringing a sample of your fabric with you when choosing your paint colours. This will ensure that you select a colour that doesn’t clash with your choice of window covering.

For all your painting questions, contact the experts at New Approach Painting. You can also follow us on Twitter @KWPainters.

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