What Makes A Good Paint Job?

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At New Approach Painting, we know what it takes to execute the perfect paint job. If you’re wondering what makes a good paint job, keep reading!

We define a good paint job as:

“A result with a carefully crafted finish that provides a wow factor and creates breathtaking transformations to any desired area or surface.”

Now, with that definition in mind, let’s break down a few tips that anyone can apply to achieve a quality paint job.

It’s a craft, not just a labour

What Makes A Good Paint Job?

Like any good tradesperson, a professional painter sees their craft as much more than just a laborious activity, but as a job they have a passion for and take pride in doing. The trade of painting may not be perceived as “skilled” or as involved as other trades that require more formal training and certifications. However, the ability to achieve a superior paint job takes years of practice, a wide range of knowledge, and great aptitude. To truly achieve the breathtaking results of a quality paint job, one must embrace the skill of painting as a craft and not a mere act of labour.

Uniform finishes

detailed painter preparing the surface

A key aspect of achieving a good paint job is creating a smooth and uniform finish on any surface — whether it’s drywall, plaster, or wood. It takes both time and care to prepare a room, area, or surface prior to painting — and this includes patching, caulking, filling any imperfections, and sanding. The application of paint must be properly performed with extreme attention to the coverage and distribution of the paint, and to avoid sloppy technique and drips.

Razor straight cut lines

a professional painter preparing for detailed cut lines

The ability to achieve perfectly straight cut lines is a nearly impossible feat, and it takes many years to come close to mastering. Nevertheless, having sharp colour lines are crucial. By taking the time to practice and perform cutting, and by using tools like painter’s tape, you will be one step closer to achieving quality results.

Clean application

What Makes A Good Paint Job?

It is critical that you apply your paint in a clean and consistent pattern. This will help you avoid making a mess on floors, furniture, or any other undesired surface. By using proper application and cleaning techniques, covering any floors or furniture with drop sheets and poly wrap, and not rushing, you can avoid a finished product that looks unprofessional and sloppy.

New Approach Painting always follows these practices to get the best results, every time. Contact our expert team today and let’s discuss how we can achieve a quality paint job in your home or business.

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